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How to Make a Succulent Terrarium Necklace Tutorial

I've covered terrarium jewelry before but this tutorial by Cynthia over at the Jordan Valley Home and Garden Club is so good, I just had to share. She uses real tiny succulents which don't require much watering.  It is easy to overdo the moisture so pay attention to her detailed instructions on care.

I also love the miniature terrarium case.  Cynthia shares the Etsy store which supplies this particular case as well as the globe ring ones.

Not keen on live plants?  By all means use fake ones. Try making little dioramas too with model railway figures - see examples linked below.

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  1. This is really cool. I can't wait to try making one. Thanks so much for this article!

  2. Like always, I come to read your most current post and get sidetracked by other posts that grab my attention.

    These tiny terrariums are simply adorable and I'll have to check out the shops that carry the cases.

  3. Love these!! I'm always accidentally killing plans, so I partially doubt my success in keeping one of these alive...but maybe I'll give it a try one day:) Gorgeous!

  4. Succulents are the easiest because they do much better as they thrive on little water! Have fun


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