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Making Amazing Jewelry : Interview on WebTalkRadio!

It is a lasting regret that I will never meet most of you.  But here's a chance to hear me speak!  I was recently interviewed by Ingrid Talpak, the host of Living with More Style than Cash (WebTalkRadio) for an hour long episode called Making Amazing Jewelry.

Just go to the above link, click on download episode and start the interview.  It's also available as a free podcast over on iTunes (7/27/2014 episode).

I've been interviewed a number of times before in the written sense but it is really quite different to do it "live".  Was I nervous?  Nope.  Ingrid made it an enjoyable chat and kept me on topic!

As you can imagine, I was initially skeptical when I was first approached.  Jewelry making is a visual art form and this is a radio talk show!  But we managed to cover many things in the hour long show - how I got started, some jewelry history, tools, what was the strangest jewelry I ever saw, how to start designing for yourself and even some tips to consider when starting to sell jewelry. A little insight about me and my enduring passion.

Inevitably I was not as fast on my feet or more accurately, with my tongue, as I thought so I did make some errors.  The medieval glass maker's apprentice probably ran something like 100 feet not 100 yards.  And I also work with aluminum and stainless steel not just what I said on the show!

Enjoy the show on what is hopefully a lazy Sunday for you!

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  1. It must feel great, Pearl, I am off to check out the show and hear you talk

  2. Oh - this is something I am going to save for a time when I can put my feet up and have my coffee ready and listen with a smile on my face!

    I feel like I will be listening to my friend being interviewed and I'm really excited!


  3. Pearl, great interview. Just shows how much you know. It was fun to hear your voice. Where is your accent from? Did you know any of the questions ahead of time? Pat S

  4. Thanks for listening Divya! Maybe one day we will actually meet!

  5. I want to congratulate you on your wonderful talk
    I listened carefully, and must say you succeeded beautifully in making a visual art sound clear.
    Keep up your great work.

  6. Thanks Judith for your kind words and for taking the time to listen. Jewelry and jewelry making are fascinating subjects and I hope I was able to convey that.

  7. Aims - that is so cool to think so. I do consider my readers my friends.

  8. Patricia - a lot of people ask me about my accent largely because they cannot place it. It is a hybrid given I have lived in a number of places in my life. Standard English with a Canadian twist and if you have very good hearing, you might be able to pick up my Malaysian accent - I was born and raised there.

    There were no questions just a list of topics and subtopics that the interviewer said she might touch on. I added a few more topics of my own which I thought would reflect the craft better. But the whole interview was driven by Ingrid who wanted to keep it much more like a chat. As she warned me, the hour went by very fast!

  9. Totally cool. I have downloaded it to my Iphone. I just haven't had a chance to listen to it yet.

  10. It was fun listening to your voice and I enjoyed your articulation :) It was refreshing to listen to the advices I've read on your blog and I really liked that last sentence about wearing our unique jewelry :) I do wear some of my pieces for a wearability test and indeed, it's interesting to observe the reactions of different age groups in the neighborhood or at work :)

  11. Delighted to know you enjoyed listening to me. It's hard to get me to stop once I start talking about my favorite subject.

    You should wear your own creations all the time. They are great conversations starters, aren't they?


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