Jolanta Pietrzak is entirely self taught.  She got into jewelry making a few years ago, starting with just the basics.  But has now grown to be an accomplished wire worker and has a shop named Alabama Studio on Etsy. Despite the name, Jolanta is actually based in Poland.

Jolanta explained, "I know it's quite unusual to name my workshop Alabama Studio, but it's because of the song's refrain which was very close to my feelings some time ago. The song is "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynrd and the refrain :

Sweet Home Alabama
Where the skies are so blue
Sweet home Alabama
Lord, I'm coming home to you."

She works at home in a small peaceful Polish village with perpetually blue skies. Jolanta adds, " I'm always happy when I'm coming back home and I can say that's my place on earth - my own Alabama." That contentment shows as she makes wonderful pieces.

Her signature look is the heavily oxidized silver wire she prefers.  Jolanta does not stagnate either as she learns new techniques like soldering, metal clay and enamelling.  She is right in saying those new skills make jewelry easier to design as the opportunities to create differently increase.

The above leaf necklace includes the art silver clay focal she made.  She has also been experimenting with innovative combinations such as wire wrapping with enamel work as shown in these lovely earrings :

Her work has a distinctive fluidity and charm.  Jolanta's ability to solder means her designs are not overly wire wrapped allowing her the right touch of whimsy on occasion.

Jolanta clearly has design genes in her!  She is a landscape architect and interior designer by profession. It also should not surprise anyone that photography is another passion!

Her artistic sense made the best use of this kind of jewelry display I have ever seen (shown below). The spectacular earrings are so elegantly photographed.

A wonderful all round inspirational designer!

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