Beginners might find beadweaving slow.  But if you are doing RAW (right angle weaves), the work can be speeded up by using two needles.  I really like this pretty and easy 2 needle RAW beaded pearl bracelet tutorial because it shows how quick the process can be. The pathways are clear.

The tutorial is called the Figure-Eight Bracelet and is by Julie D'Amico-Beres.  The designer includes a few great tips at the end.  She does make a good point about Fireline which is a braided beading thread.  Most beaders will use pliers to grasp and pull on needles.  It's not just to get the needle out of the beads when there have been already several thread passthroughs, but by doing so, you will straighten and stiffen the braided thread as well.

Here is another tip.  Get your Fireline from a fishing store.  They sell at a much lower price than a bought spool at a general store. They wind up what you need  - in 100 ft lots - from their bulk supplies onto any spool (bring empty reels).  The guy at Kingsway Sports on Woodlawn Road in Guelph where I got my last lot says he sells more Fireline to beaders than he does to fishermen!

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