Kumihimo fans rejoice!  Here is a wonderful interactive kumihimo color planner from Lytha Studios called the KumiPlanner. What is does is allow you to pick the colors you want, see what they look like as a finished braid and how the colors are arranged on the kumihimo disc. You don't have to experiment with actual cords!

It is very easy to use.  First click on the color you want from the double columns of color swatches (black arrow). Then either click on the position in the braid or the cord on the disc (blue arrows) and the color selection is updated.  This way you can test various color combinations with ease.

Please note this interactive program does NOT work with Internet Explorer.  So use Firefox, Chrome, Safari browsers.  I tested it out with the latest version of Chrome and it works fine.

The interactive is still in beta. Do leave feedback if you encounter any problems or if you just want to thank them!

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