Sometimes I think innovative jewelry tool makers are out to empty my wallet! And maybe yours too, eh?  I stumbled upon Magic Finding's clever crimp beads.  They have 7 channels available to make multi strand necklaces or bracelets.  The best way to understand how these findings work is to watch the video or hop over to Art Beads' tutorial.

These little crimp beads solve a problem with multi strand jewelry where there is a severe limit to how many strands you can put through a crimp bead especially at the clasp end.  These also make it easy to add more strands as needed during the design process.

They neatly divide the strands but also provide a way of inserting omega clips for attaching the clasp. A special pliers is required for the final crimping.

NB : I have no current association with either company mentioned except as an occasional Art Beads customer.  The findings and tools can be purchased from a number of jewelry supply companies.

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