Last week’s giveaway showcasing Jet Beads clever service for getting great discount prices from Fire Mountain Gems brought a mix of comments.  Some people had never heard of Jet Beads before.  Others though were fans.  

One reader, Carol said, I'd heard about Jet Beads, but only after seeing a number of people on Facebook beading groups assure me, did I make a test order. OMG - WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG? Great response, no problems at all. Actually it was quite simple once I did it.

As I mentioned in the post, Jason offers a trial buy where you can test the ordering process for yourself.

Canadians also get $5 shipping rate.  This is fine if you are able to order at least 200 items to get the lowest price.  But if you cannot wait until you have 200 items, then ordering smaller quantities is going to cost you more as you get less of a discount.  So I recommend Canadians and people outside the US to do the math and figure out what savings you get with the lowest discount versus the higher shipping rate (especially for bulky items).

Another reader, Catherine Worthington summed it out well, I have had the pleasure of ordering from Jet Beads. Yes, it takes a bit longer, and yes I paid double the shipping amount I would have paid had I shopped directly from FMG. But I still saved more than $60 on the level I would have been charged directly. “ 

So who won?  I numbered all the eligible entries and got the random number generator over at to pick the winning number.  This number belonged to Judy who said more beads would be better!

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