Armbands (sometimes called arm rings) have been worn by men and women for thousands of years.  They are still popular today especially in the summer when sleeveless clothes are worn. They are a great fashion accessory that's a little different than wearing cuffs lower down on the wrist.

This wire wrapped armband tutorial is by MeiIris on Youtube.  I do like how she uses two different colored metals for the design.  It is an easy one to make from thick soft anodized aluminum wire.   But be careful you do not overwork aluminum as it is a brittle metal and can break.

It is a basic tutorial ripe for all sorts of variations.  As she says, try making the scrolled wire bits differently or maybe add beads.

Not into arm bands?  Then consider scaling down the design to fit around the wrist instead.  Or if you prefer to try different designs, check out the first link below and see if you can scale up other wire wrapped bangles for the upper arm.

This beautiful inspirational design (not tutorial) below is by Mary Tucker over on her blog, The Angsty Artist. It incorporates faceted gemstones, amethyst, spinel and sapphire and was a custom order. As Mary said, she was wondering if she could scale it down for a ring!

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