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Easy Curvy Scroll Wire Pendant Tutorial

Sometimes making the same thing a few times in different sizes is useful as you can put all of them together.  The Hang Loose design by Linda Jones over on WireWorkers Guild is a good example. This easy curvy scroll wire pendant tutorial is also very forgiving ie you don't have to get the wire work absolutely perfectly.

There are actually 3 steps to making each of the hanging wire elements so you will have to read Linda's instructions carefully.  Each step uses different mandrels or tools. If you do not have ring mandrel for the middle part, find cylindrical objects in the house to help you form the wire shape - pill vials, glue sticks, marker pens etc.

For the ends, start the scrolling on your chain nose pliers, then switch to flat nose pliers or even better, nylon jawed pliers to curve the wire.  Nylon jawed pliers will not mar the wire.  Check out the first link below for visual aid.

I think the hammering adds interest to the overall design as with the use of coiled wire for the outer part.

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  1. Umm, maybe I missed something cuz I don't see a link to the 3 scrolls. Or should I just go find her site online?

    Thank you
    Confused :-)

  2. Thanks for writing to let me know. I FORGOT to put in the link. So please accept my apologies for this omission. Call it my grey moment! Haha.


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