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How to Make, Stamp and Embellish a Recycled Spoon Pendant

Adrianne over on Happy Hour Projects has this helpful tutorial for making a recycled spoon pendant.  It's a good one if you've never done this before and need some tips!

The reason why so many people make this type of jewelry is because older cutlery sets were made from real silver.

Adrianne explains why you shouldn't try this with stainless steel!  Even with silver plate, she had to change how she cut off the stem of the spoon.

And yes, you can stamp on a spoon provided you flatten it enough.

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  1. Oh I remember trying to make a spoon pendant from stainless and brass spoons as the silver ones are hard to find here and very expensive. It was very difficult to turn around the neck without breaking

  2. Love this...never tried it, but looks great!


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