Summer is nearly over so it was fun to celebrate with a great Nunn Design 2014 Summer collection giveaway last week.  The gorgeous findings and the fact that we know who the great designer is helped make the giveaway very popular.

 Aims said it best, "I've said this many times and I'll say it again - Becky Nunn is a marvel! What she has done for the jewelry world is simply amazing! Where would we be without her designs and innovations? I admire her greatly for that and for the fact that her and her team are constantly coming up with new things for us to make every single year. And by the looks of it, we've got many more years of her designs to look forward to yet."

I numbered all the eligible entries and hopped over to I know so many of you have been trying to win a giveaway for a while.  But the heartless random number generator just does that. Randomly selects a winning number.  The one it pulled out belonged to Melanie McBride!  Congratulations! 

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