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3D Nature Inspired Beadwork by Julia Turova

Julia Turova is an astounding Russian beadwork artist and master instructor who lives in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia.  Her passion for her craft shows in all her designs.  She also holds a PhD in biology (ecology and entomology) which explains many of her nature inspired beadwork particularly the insects.  Her ability to create beautiful 3D designs is astonishing.

She clearly lives to breathe and bead! She said in this article, "I can work anywhere, in any situation.  I come early to work, I bead at lunchtime, in queues, standing, lying down, sitting; my pack with beads is always with me. Even in a crowded bus, I draw sketches with the sharp stylus on the screen putting on it my thoughts as they unexpectedly come into my head. If I can find an hour or two, I run to my working place of 2 square meters, covered with beads and photo accessories, entangled with wires, plug my headphones and disappear."

It's not just insects she is good with. Her floral designs are amazing too!

Her imagination and creativity knows no bounds as she has created all sorts of wonderful creature pendant and brooch designs. I particularly love her fun frog pendants.  The purse pendant frog is a marvel!

Julia doesn't just bead around a cabochon, she adds a snail too for this creative brooch!

She is also a genius with seahorses and spiders right down to their herringbone legs! Julia has a real talent for being able to plan and execute wonderful designs in 3D - no mean feat with tiny seed beads.

Check out Julia's website
More of her work can be seen in the albums here and here.

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  1. Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor. Julia's work is incredible (incredible and even the word amazing doesn't begin to describe her abilities !!!)

    As you mentioned, her Frog Purse/Pendant is unbelievable. I cannot get over the intricate detailing. She is phenomenal.

  2. Wow! I'm not into beading of this sort - but this is beyond incredible!

    What stunning work Julia does!

    The question is - Does Julia dream of seed beading?

  3. I am pretty sure Julia dreams of seed vivid colors!! I would be willing to bet her dream beaded creatures are animated too!

  4. Wow! It's absolutely stunning how realistic her pieces are! I can't even say which one I like the best. I love them all.


  5. I would absolutely wear her frog necklaces because they are so cool!!

  6. My heart is nearly bursting with awe and respect for
    Julia Turova's artwork ! She fulfills my visions. I cannot put words to how satisfying it must be for her to be able to encompass her science with her art ! One can see and feel her love for the beauty in nature and praise her for the ability she has to create and express that vision so very well ! I feel blessed to have seen her work even only on the computer !

  7. She is indeed inspiring. For sure, Julia shows what true bead work passion is!


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