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Zigzag is a peculiar word that's been used in some European languages for a few hundred years.  But the characteristic pattern has probably been around as a decorative element for a lot longer.  It's delightful to see it in wire jewelry.  This lovely zigzag earrings tutorial is a gem by Albina Manning.

You can also make less angular and rounder curves with a bail forming pliers as a variation. Good late beginner to intermediate project.

Before You Go:


  1. These are simple ,but yet so elegant!
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful tutorial .

  2. looks like a good intermediate level project - thanks for sharing

  3. I also think it can be shorter too - like with 2 beads if long is not your thing.

  4. A wonderful and easy tute Pearl! The variations are endless with this!

    Different coloured metals - different coloured beads and shapes...


    Psst - for your eyes only -

    You dropped the 'e' on intermediate!


    laughing over here Pearl....know you hate that sort of thing!

    So erase this part or don't post my comment at all - I don't mind!

  5. LOL! It is no secret I am a terrible editor and I do dislike it when I trip up! I did catch the missing "e" and corrected the post but not before email subscribers saw it!


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