I've featured a number of wire wrapped cabochon tutorials before (see links below).  They are most often, but not always, just variations of the traditional form in terms of what to do with the wire ends.  This tutorial by Andreja Stanko of Amorfia Unique Jewelry is noteworthy for the lovely swirls she added in front of the cabochon.  A great solution for cabochons which may not be as visually interesting as say banded agate.

The link takes you to her blog.  Please click on her Photobucket album link to see the larger pictorial.

Andreja uses 18G wire with 26G for the wrapping.  It is much easier to get 21 or 22G square wire so I recommend you use this. While it is possible to work with round wire, it is far, far easier to use square wire for the frame and swirls and soft temper half round wire for the wrapping.  You'll be wondering why you didn't start doing this technique earlier!  I like to use about the same gauge for the half round wire - the thicker wrapping wire looks better for designs than 26G.

Use painter's tape to help you hold the bands together.   Banding pliers will also help get you started with the wire wrapping part!

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