Israeli artisan, Hagar Arnon Elbaz of Gilgulim on Etsy creates soft OOAK (one of a kind) fabric jewelry. What she does is to "roll beads to create alternative jewels out of metamorphosized materials". She uses recycled as well as new fabrics. Early in her jewelry making, she also used a lot of secondhand neckties.

She doesn't quite know why she is so fond of textiles.  Among the possible reasons she came up with were her childhood visits to her grandmother's house where the cupboards were filled with lace, buttons, nightgowns, wedding linen brought all the way from Germany in the late 1930's.  She also mentioned she was a premature baby born during a harsh winter whose parents placed her in a shoebox lined with cotton wool. Whatever the many reasons, Hagar grew up to be a textile designer.

Once her older children left home, Hagar decided to to devote her extra time into developing her own unique brand of fabric bead jewelry. It took a couple of years before she could leave her day job and create fulltime.
Hagar says she collects or buys  fabric from all over the world.  She does not use any glue.  After the fabrics are washed, ironed and cut into strips, she rolls them up into beads and hand stitches as invisibly as possible. The results are colorful, comfortable and modern.

Hat tip to Heather O'Cain of BluKat Design for the find.

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