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Open Right Angle Weave Beaded Ring Tutorial

Beaded rings can be either very simple and easy or elaborate affairs.  Here is one that is Goldilocks perfect - not too easy and not too hard.  The open right angle weave beaded ring tutorial is by Bee Jang a very creative and dedicated Thai beader and blogger.

The openness of the ring and the crystals gives it a bit of a statement.  The tutorial is easy enough for beginners.  I strongly suspect those who try this one out will not be able to stop at one ring!

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  1. Even though I do not do this sort of thing - I think these make a very attractive and different kind of ring!

    I can see how you could get addicted to making them in all kinds of colourways!

  2. Yes, they are very different. The openness makes them less of a statement ring. So even though they are big, they are not overpowering.

  3. Very pretty and the tut was wonderful with clear and easy to follow directions.

    They have a Victorian look to them, especially the gray ring . . . or maybe it's just me, floral designs always make me think of the Victorian era, which was oh so feminine.

  4. Hi I just saw your RAW 'beaded Ring and BRAVO!!! These rings are so feminine and is so attractive. I get so tired of seeing young women looking like men.It is so refreshing
    to see jewelry that highlights the soft with the air of the Victorian woman.Thanks for your hard work and for your kindness in sharing this tutorial with those of us that are just starting out in the beading world. Many thanks,Mary

  5. You are very welcome Mary! There are many wonderful jewelry makers out there who work hard in coming up with and sharing their awesome designs. I love hunting for them and introducing readers to them!


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