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This tutorial will be reminiscent of the all in one headpin earrings tutorial I did before but a little trickier. Only this time you will be making all in one button earrings. Any 2 hole button (not too large) will work but the wooden heart ones with printed butterflies from Bead and Button UK are especially pretty!

You will definitely need large bail forming pliers.  It is a fantastic and very useful tool especially for making your own ear wires (also see links below).  Cut 3-4 inches of 22 or 20G wire - half hard temper. Fold with one short end as shown below.

Poke the ends of the wire all the way through the holes with the short end at the bottom.

The long wire end should be perpendicular to the button. Grab the short end and flatten it against the button towards the top.

Use pliers and wrap the short wire end against the perpendicular one. Trim the short wire closer to the upright one.

Now bend the long wire end so it is flat and in line with the button.

The following 2 steps are crucial.  If you don`t do these properly, the button will flop forward when worn. Really flatten the wire on both sides of the button with a nylon jawed pliers.

Now take the long end of the wire and bend it forward to the front of the button.

Place the bail forming pliers on the top of the button and bend the wire around the larger barrel.

I like to use my broad nose pliers to kink the ear wire a little. Using this pliers like so means the wire bends will be the same for both earrings.

Use either a cup bur file or a sanding pad to debur the wire ends. See How to Debur Ear Wires.

One last step and that is to work harden the ear wires with some light hammering so they retain their shapes.

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  1. Buttons are right up your street, Heather! You can certainly stack a couple of different size beads for sure!

  2. I've got cookie tins full of buttons left over from the fur store our parent's had for 40 years.

    Those and all the ones my grandmother kept and my mother and my aunt!

    I'm going to have so much fun one of these days!

    Thanks Pearl! This is another great tutorial!

  3. Wow, thanks! This is perfect for my work. I have to get some of those tools!

  4. Have fun everyone! Natali - it is indeed perfect for some of your lampwork beads.

  5. Love them so much. I'm going to try! Thank you so much for this cool idea!

  6. Great tip for being inventive! There are a couple of tools on my wish list, bail forming pliers among them. For the time being, I have to be creative :)

  7. Hi Pearl,

    I haven't been getting any of your email/posts for a while now. Am I still on the subscription list?

    Wayne Wiley

    1. Wayne - please check your spam box - that's probably where they are. If not, let me know and I will look into it further.

  8. These look great! I'll definitely be having a go!

    I have a question though. I bought some half hard 22 ga half hard silver filled wire a while back but it's really brittle. As soon as I try to bend it around a remotely tight curve it just breaks. Is this normal? I've never bought half hard wire before and it's put me off buying any since.

  9. Half hard wire should not be so brittle that it breaks. That is a bad batch for sure. As you know silver filled has usually a copper core. I wonder if they didn't use copper or it wasn't annealed correctly?

    I use half hard wire (HH) a lot - usually sterling silver - and it isn't a problem. HH is best for ear wires as it retains some of its shape but is still pliable for working with.

  10. Hello Pearl, your button earrings are beautiful, can't wait to make some, have quite a lot of buttons and thanks to you, I know what I can make with them. Thanks for sharing your expertise, best wishes, Irene Michelle

  11. Enjoy! This is a very versatile design for all kinds of buttons. And very easy and quick to make as gifts!!


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