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How to Make Scarf Rings from Buttons and Keyrings

Scarves are reemerging from closets with the cooler weather! So if you love this type of accessory and want to bling it up a bit, here is an easy tutorial on how to make scarf rings from buttons and keyrings. Keyrings come in different sizes. So get the ones which best suits your scarves be they thick or thin.

The tutorial covers both shank and 2-hole buttons. The vintage brass style metal shank button came from Bead and Button UK.  The layered 2 hole buttons were from my button stash - I think my friend Willi gave me these (thank you!).  The scarf rings lie flat which makes storage and travel much easier!  But once the scarves are threaded through, they are fine.

Shank Buttons
It's hardly a tutorial because all you have to do with them is to add them to a keyring!  I use a split ring plier - I highly recommend this tool as you can use it for regular keychains or to even keep your pant zippers up!  A real nail saver.

2-Hole Buttons
Layering is an option.

Don't be tempted to do this (below). Double wrapped loops will end badly because it will be floppy when it is put in place on the scarf.

The tutorial here shows how to make your own proper wire shank for these buttons. Click on any image to bring up a larger view.

First cut about 4 inches of 20 G wire and fold them with 2 unequal lengths. Poke the wire through the two holes.

Pull the wire snugly so the bend is sitting as close to the top button as much as possible. On the back end of the bottom button, flatten the wire ends going the opposite direction from each other.

Use the smaller cylinder of the medium size bail forming pliers to roll up 2 loops of wire from the shorter wire end. Trim off any excess if you coil more than 2 loops. Keep the coil tight and bring it to the center of the button when "rolling". You can use your round nose pliers but remember the coil will not be even. One of the loops is going to be smaller than the other because these pliers are tapered.

Now use the longer wire length to wrap once around the double loop. Cut off the excess with your flush cutters. Tuck in the cut wire end.

With the completed wire shank, adding the split ring is the final step!

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  1. I really like these too Pearl!

    And so easy to make!

    One thing I really noticed today was your pics of 'how to'. Did you put your hands in front of your Modahaus system? :0)

  2. Thanks!

    No, the Modahaus photo studio (TS400) without the cover is the background when I do how to pictures. I use the cover in an upright position to form the background behind the mannequin. Check back some of my Modahaus posts to see how.

  3. I just reread your comment Aims - yes you are right my hands are in front of the Modahaus.

  4. Genius! Pure genius! Love this! :)

    1. Aw shucks! Glad you like them! Make different ones to match different scarves.

  5. Love this. Stumbled on it because I'm looking for clip backings only to repurpose old metal jewelry bits into scarf rings (with a hinged clamp). So far, not finding components, just finished pieces. But your idea here is opening up possibilities with other found objects.


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