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Fast and Easy Crochet Bangle Tutorial

I've covered plenty of crochet bracelets before. But Anette over on the Lebenslustiger blog has a fast and easy crochet bangle tutorial. She makes hers with cotton fabric yarn for coolness and comfort.  I also suggest t-shirt yarn. See how to make t-shirt yarn including the continuous variety here.

This is a great design idea for those who are metal allergic.  If you sew your own clothes, then making matching jewelry is possible.

What's also so great about her tutorial is she worked out how to shape the work so that the edges of the 3 row bracelet is slightly tighter for the bangle style.

She used a 12.75 mm hook but in reality, you will have to experiment with hook sizes and the number of stitches for the foundation row as your yarn might be different.  If you are going for a less bulky look with thick cord or yarn, then try a suggestion from one of the commenters - she used 9 mm for the 1st and 3rd row and 10 mm for the middle row.

Heck, this one is so fast and easy, you can undo it if it is not right and crochet again!

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  1. These are beautiful, versatile, washable, you could even swim with them on and add charms on a lobster clasp, for instance! If I could only memorize how to start the second row - the logic of it escapes me :)

  2. Usually, we crochet into the hole under the loop but for her second row, she means to crochet only into the back part of the loop. If you still don't get it, google for some basic tutorials. It is very easy, I assure you!

  3. Thanks, Pearl! I have pinned some crochet tutes but the first time I tried to make a wire cuff it came out looking like a cup :) I'll have to master that!

  4. Try making some of the yarn ones first to get the hang of crochet. Crocheting with wire is very different! The wire does not move like yarn!

  5. I love these, Pearl. They are perfect for my granddaughters and are probably easy enough for Lexie, who is now 14, to make on her own.


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