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Stunning Stamped Friendly Plastic Earrings Tutorial

It's been a while since I wrote about Friendly Plastic. It is a biodegradable polymer called polycaprolactone with a great advantage - it softens to a putty like consistency at very low heat. Either immersion in hot water or using a heat tool will work. This nylon like plastic, like shrink plastic, has been around in the crafting world for decades and is making a comeback.

It's easy to see why with Linda Petersen's stunning stamped friendly plastic Boho-style earrings video tutorial.  She makes it look so easy using alcohol inks, stamps and simple punching tools to cut out shapes. She even rolled some of the plastic into beads!  When Friendly Plastic is soft, it is also partly adhesive so adding jump rings to the putty made sense.  The metallic look of the plastic is a bonus!

Friendly Plastic is a great alternative to shrink plastic which is only available in limited and rather dull colors - translucent, cream, brown and black.

Hat tip to reader, Aims!

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  1. I don't understand why Michael's in Canada doesn't carry Friendly Plastic.

    I've had to pick up my supply of it when traveling in the States or order it online.

    I suppose if there was more of a demand for it then they might carry it but then I know I've gone in to get what I assume was an easy buy at Michael's and been stunned that they didn't carry what I was looking for.

    Then again - I was really disappointed when Michael's also put out of business the craft stores that DID carry all these things!!

    Running this tute Pearl made me think - oh right - I was going to make those earrings!


  2. I feel your frustration. I lived for many years in the Maritimes with very few local options to buy anything. So I got used to ordering online. Much more convenient!


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