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There are many wire jewelry artisans out there. So it is a pleasure to come across one who creates one of a kind designs in her own inimitable style.  Izabella Bako is a Romanian self taught artisan whose flare for wire shows in her woven wire creations in her store, Wire Fantasies on Etsy.  She also has a Romanian based store called Bella Bijou.

She is adept at wire weaving but what stood out from her work is how the wire "flows" so easily into unique shapes.  Iza also has a talent for being able to select just the right approach for her complimentary sets. Some of my favorites are featured here. For instance - many might be tempted to just make a tear drop pendant to match the tear drop earrings below. But not this artisan. She integrates the teardrop pendant into a curved focal! Highly original and inspirational!

Iza also has a Facebook page.

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  1. Oh my, what gorgeous jewelry. The weaving and wrapping is perfect and the designs unique. Thanks so much for sharing the work of this talented artist!

  2. Pearl, you have just picked the right word to describe her work "Flow" its so amazing that the wires blends seamlessly in one another.

  3. I think you have finally found an artist who has me stumped for words Pearl.

    And also one that makes me want to crawl under a rock and give up.

    What perfection! What imagination!


  4. She is indeed a wonderful inspiration for all of us! Don't give up Aims!

  5. So wonderful to see Iza's fabulous work here - it's incredible and inspiring!


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