I first came across pictures of Zhanna Vasileva's amazing bead animal sculptures on Facebook.  It took a little sleuthing to actually get to her Russian blog!  She does incredible work as you can see from these pictures below.  The beaded cockerel is simply awesome from its cockscomb to his tail feathers.

Her blog post showcasing this bird also has a basic tutorial  - she starts with an armature wire form which is then well padded in the right shape.  Then the beading fun begins!

Note that the blog is in Russian. So please use Google Translate.  Check this howto if you do not know how to add extensions to your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) - scroll down a bit to see the instructions.  I use Google Chrome.

Her beaded iguana measured 45 cm long from nose to tail. She added several pictures to her blog post.  This one was my favorite because she added beaded flowers and a dragonfly!

Her beaded turkey would make a great table centerpiece for a family Thanksgiving dinner!

This beaded fish might be a sturgeon, I think.  Check out her blog post to see the "skins"  she pieced together and the book she consulted! Considering the book did not show any colors, this bead artist's incredible ability to get the shadings of the fish scales as they are is truly inspirational!

She also shared a masterclass tutorial by Jeanne Vasiliev for a beaded snail.  The directions are pretty hard to make out and the translation doesn't help.  But the pictures do show how it is done.

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