Preciosa Pip™ beads are simply perfect for making little flowers. There are many ways to use them in beading designs - bead embroidery as well as different off loom stitches. But here is a way to do a little beading a little like bead embroidery except that metal filigrees substitute the usual beading stiff foundations. So instead of sewing on a fabric of some sort, my tutorial for pip beaded flowers will require sewing through the holes!! It is astonishing how creative one can be while trying to find quick ways to do something!

I used the pip beads from Best Beads as shown in the giveaway post earlier this week. Here is what you need :
  • pip beads
  • 11/0 seed beads
  • Fireline or other beading thread
  • 6 mm round beads - I used Swarvoski glass pearls
  • filigrees
  • beading needle
  • glue - I use Super New Glue
  • 1.25 mm hole puncher (if needed)
  • flush cutters (if needed)
  • small files (if needed)

Any metal filigree can be used so long as there are sufficient holes to "sew" through.  The vintage brass one had 4 holes in the center which were spaced just right for the round pearl in the center. But there was more solid metal in the center of the silver plated one so I punched two extra holes to use so the sewing of the pearl will be tighter.

After punching out the holes, there were metal bits poking out behind which I snipped off with the flush cutter.

I filed the filigrees smooth where I snipped off the metal bits. Filing is important otherwise the sharp bits will cut the thread.

I also use a needle file to file inside the holes.

Add a stop bead (optional) and pick up alternate pip and seed beads - 8 of each in all.

Sew through all the beads and tighten into a flower.  Sew through all the beads again.

Feed the tail and the working thread through one of the punched out holes.

This next step is a little blurry.  But basically, sew several times through the punched out hole and the nearest available space in the filigree, then tie the tail and working thread in a surgeon`s knot.  All the sewing should be done below the flower so it won't be seen from the front.

Next pick up the round bead and position in the center of the flower.

Then pass the needle down the other punched out hole. Next bring up the needle at the first hole again. Repeat the steps sewing down the pearl once more.

Bring the needle up at a punched hole and add enough seed beads to go around the pearl half way. Sew through the pearl again and add more seed beads to complete the circle. Pass your needle through all the seed beads and tighten. Take the needle to the back of the work preferably where the tail was. Knot with the tail again.

Seal the knots with some glue (or use a thread burner). Once dried, snip off the thread ends. Add jump rings and the ear wire and you're done!  Tip : when adding jump rings to very thin filigrees like this one, double them up. This provides security so the filigree doesn't slip through the ring opening.

The vintage brass one is just a variation of the same method.  I used only 6 pip beads for the flower, omitted the circle of seed beads and added a second row of pip beads. 

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