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How to Wire Net a Bezel - From Front to Back!

Making a wire netted bezel for a cabochon is not that difficult providing you take your time to space out the wire. The basics was touched on at the end of Camille Sharon's video tutorial about Viking knit and net wire bezels for  cabochons.  You start with a frame at the back and then make wire loops.  Check out my past post which covers Camille's tutorial and shows my wire frame and how I used my bail forming pliers to space out the loops.

Basic tutorials like Camille's are excellent to learn the technique but then you can experiment and make it your own.  One fantastic example on how to do just that is over on Clearly Helena. Helena's tutorial on how to wire net a bezel working from front to back.

You don't have to do exactly what everyone does!  She did a great job of making of what would have been a back frame into the focus at the front.  Another tip she shared is the use of small seed beads strung on the weaving wire. They are not obvious in her design as she used colorless ones. She found them useful for spacing out the wire loops.

Try this technique and you will see what both Helena and I discovered.

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  1. This is a very nice technique tutorial - but there is a part of the terminology in the article which is in error - and I can tell you from experience that it leads to confusion in later projects. :-)
    Although they are mistakenly used interchangeably by people who do not understand the specific differences, the technique shown is NOT Viking knit. It is netting.

    The new loops in this project are formed in the area between each existing loop, causing them to be offset - this is netting.

    In Viking knit, each new loop is formed around an existing loop in the last row, resulting in straight rows of loops.

    This may not seem like an important distinction, but it can be the difference in avoiding frustration and understanding how to make actual Viking knit later on. :-)

  2. That is really lovely and takes away the angst of trying to solder a bezel!

  3. Perri - which tutorial are you referring to? Camille Sharon's (the first part which is Viking Knit) or this tutorial which is netting?

    Any confusion is probably due to me being unclear in my writing!

    Aims - yes, anything but soldering a bezel!! Too much work.

  4. Thank you so much Pearl for sharing my article. Makes me do a happy jig.

    Thank you Perri for explaining the difference between Viking and netting. That makes such good sense!


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