The popular HBO Game of Thrones series is not just about powerful story telling but the set, props and costume designs are all incredibly good.  The artistic work for the series has inspired many artisans. One of the finest of the fan art work - the Dragon's egg and the Direwolf emblem of the Starks  - is by Rextorn Metalwork

The artisans of this Polish metal workshop are very skilled in different metal forming techniques.They actually specialize in roof ornament work which includes some awesome modern day gargoyles.  Although what they do is much larger scaled than jewelry, most of the techniques are also used by jewelry artisans (see first link below).

The two beautifully produced videos are must sees!  It is astonishing to see them transform copper sheets in the  Making of the Dragon's Egg .  They used repoussé or repoussage and chasing, metal spinning and soldering for this fan art design.

The repoussé technique dates back to Ancient Egypt and Greece. It involves hammering from the back to create a raised design in the front; chasing or embossing is hammering from the front to better define the relief work.  This technique is superbly demonstrated with their video on the Making of the Stark's Direwolf Emblem. They start off with a beautiful sketch of the planned design which is then transferred and hand etched onto the copper sheet before they start their metal forming magic!

It's very inspiring to see the annealing, patination and sanding all done on a much larger scale!

What a talented group!  Check out their Facebook page to see what they are working on!

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