Crimping pliers are useful tools - indeed, I listed them as one of the 6 most useful tools for jewelry making for those just starting out.  Note it's not wrong to make flat crimps - I actually like the look of flat crimps next to wire guardians.  But rounding the crimps do look less conspicuous and neater if you are not using crimp covers.

There is an alternative to regular pliers which can be a little tricky to use properly. Laura Gasparrini of Om Tara invented a new type of crimping pliers.  This innovative designer who also teaches realized this classic tool could be made better.  I wrote about how she was inspired to invent this tool my past post.  These crimping pliers are now made in association with Euro Tools (I have their excellent Power punch).

Watch Laura's video on the Om Tara crimping pliers in action. Seems pretty easy, eh?

Laura sent me a pair to review.  So I compared them with my regular crimping pliers by putting both through their paces.  Generally, the beading wire goes through the crimp, then the clasp and then back through the crimp again as shown in the photo below. I omitted the clasp for this experiment for clearer photographs.

There are just 4 basic steps to using crimping pliers :
  1. Position on the crimping channel
  2. Crimp 
  3. Position on the part for folding over
  4. Fold

1. Just looking at both pliers side by side shows the Om Tara crimping pliers are much simpler to use. The regular pliers are confusing as there are 2 channels, one of which (the back one nearest the handles) has a dimple. The Om Tara crimping pliers only has one channel with a large dimple.   These are closeup pictures.  In reality, it is harder to spot the right channel on the regular pliers.

It is also hard to make sure the small little dimple (arrow) is sitting just so on the crimp when it is placed in the back channel.

It was so much easier to place the crimp deeper channel of the Om Tara crimping pliers!

2. I made no effort to separate the wires with either pliers.  As you can from the photo below, the left beading wire is not located properly to the left side when I crimped down with the regular pliers.

Whereas, with the larger dimple of the Om Tara pliers, the wires were automatically pushed to the sides.  This is a good thing as how well the crimp holds depends on how well the compressed middle of the crimp "locks" down - a worthwhile difference to mention. The user needs to make an effort to make sure the wires are to the sides before crimping with regular pliers to ensure better holds.

3.  It is a subtle difference but it takes a fraction longer to make sure the crimp bead sits correctly in the front channel of the regular pliers.  The photo below again shows one wire is not sitting correctly.

With the Om Tara pliers, anywhere along the front of the pliers is good for the folding part.

4.  The final result : Both crimps held the wires but neither crimp was 100% perfect (neither am I!).  But the Om Tara pliers did a better and more efficient job from start to finish. Not having to remember to move wires to the side is a boon!

If you do a lot of crimping, then this tool is for you.  If you already have the regular kind of crimping pliers, they won't go to waste.  Use them to tuck in wire ends when doing wire wrapping - something the Om Tara pliers cannot do!

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