Crimping is one of the basic techniques in jewelry making. Yet, as many of the comments revealed in last week's giveaway for a pair of Om Tara crimping pliers, it's one that frustrates.  Part of the cause is using the regular type of crimping pliers incorrectly.  But it is understandable as the grooves in those pliers are hard to see thus making the placement of the crimp bead more difficult.

So the comparison I made helped many see why the Om Tara pliers makes life easy.  It does take any size of wire and crimp from #1 to #4!  If you make very heavy jewelry, you will still have to double crimp.

I numbered all the eligible entries and got the random number generator over at to pick the winning number.  The person assigned to this number and therefore the winner is Terri W! Congratulations!

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