In this technology-rich age of ours, fewer greeting cards get sent out.  But what if you could send greetings via snail mail but make it more tangible and fun for the recipient?  Jewelry greeting cards with pop out rings will certainly express your love and care a lot more than just an ordinary card.

Jewelry Greetings is the brainchild of Florida based  graphic designer Oliver Hampel and goldsmith Christiane Hampel.  They came up with the idea while they were looking for a unique marketing idea for Christiane's jewelry.

It took a lot of experimenting to come up with the eventual laser cut card designs where the rings are punched out and then folded before being worn. All the designs are clever and beautifully constructed with a nature theme.  As they say, “These jewelry greetings are meant to be worn!“

Both designers are seeking support on Kickstarter by December 4 so they can scale up production to lower the costs of the cards. If you are not aware, Kickstarter is the crowd sourcing site which enables designers to find funding for their projects.  Investors pledge sums (small and large) which are payable only if the project reaches the target sum by the due date. They in turn will get advance product gifts.


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