Beaded icicles make for glamorous Christmas ornaments either for your own tree or as beautiful handmade gifts. A very simple beaded icicle tutorial is by The Beads Knees  (update - link no longer works).  But one beader took it up a whole notch when she made several and hung them on a neck wire!  Who needs diamonds when you can sparkle like this?

Check out Marlene Brady's post on It's All About Creating where she showed her necklace off!  She also shared a couple of tips on how to make it. The original tutorial she referenced is no longer available but she suggested Marilyn Parker's tutorial (Toronto Bead Society).  The key is to use the right kind of  transparent beads for the icicle effect.

This is also a wonderful idea for special celebrations or even for a bride!

Hat tip to Angie Martin on Facebook.

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