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Claspless Chunky Leather Bracelet Tutorial

I like claspless bracelets like the bangles. So much easier to wear as one is not fumbling with the catch.  Here is one excellent claspless bracelet - it is the easy chunky leather bracelet tutorial by Anette over on the Lebenslustiger blog.

This is one of the prettiest thick European leather designs I have seen. Not hard to do, either. The bracelet fits well on her wrist as you can see from her post. Yet, she is able to slide on the bracelet over her hand. That isbecause she used thick stretchy elastic cord for the gemstone chips and metal beads.

I would add a drop of glue to the elastic knots just to be sure.

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  1. A very neat idea for using up leather as she says from old belts etc.

    I'm thinking there are ways to make that bracelet look even better....hmmmm......

    Still - it's an easy bracelet to make! Thanks for this find Pearl!

  2. Yes, recycling old leather belts will certainly work! Oh yes, I am sure there are all sorts of other ideas to make this bracelet design your own. That's the beauty of great designs - they are definitely customizable!


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