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Superduo Beaded Butterfly Jewelry Tutorial

I love it when readers tell me they have shared a wonderful tutorial.  Such is the case with Italy based  beader Ioana (also called Luana) of Sparkleyourway on Etsy.   She created a wonderful superduo beaded butterfly tutorial over on Youtube. I like how she used seed beads to frame the butterfly wings. Using superduos also helps this beginner project go quickly!

The tutorial is in English.  Check out the Youtube link (click on Show More) for the material list.

There is also another great reason why this tutorial designer is special. She is the first left handed beading video instructor I have featured.  So righties like me will have to reverse the instructions.  Lefties, rejoice!

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  1. This is a great link, Pearl! I am definitely a beginner but I love Superduos AND butterflies :) Saving for the Holidays :)

  2. Yeah, those superduos are great. I wonder what took them so long to come out with them! Enjoy making them!


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