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Book Review - Beautiful Bracelets by Hand

Making your own jewelry is so satisfying on many levels. First you meet your need to create, enjoy the process and derive much pleasure from the hand made production of something unique which appeals to you. A handcrafted piece is an artistic triumph in a world where manufactured and highly standardized goods rule. Learning techniques and finding ideas and inspirations are all necessary though in the journey of any jewelry maker.

I recently received Jade Gedeon's Beautiful Bracelets By Hand for review. This instructional and inspirational book is packed with many projects - 75 in all.  With the exception of a few projects which require some drilling or sawing, most are suitable for beginners. The designs are mostly simple and easy to make.  There is a little of everything with the basic techniques need - a bit of wire work, metal smith ones include hammering, polymer clay, resin work ,sewing and so on.

The focus of the book is more on the materials rather than the techniques where the author encourages readers to consider all sorts in jewelry designs. The book is thus divided in chapters such as Beads, Bits and Pieces, Chain, Fabric and Cord, Leather, Metal , Plastic and Wood. Shown below are some of my favorites from the book.

Lace Cuffs

I found the layout of the projects leaning more on the photos which makes it less intimidating to the beginner as there are fewer words.  The modeled photos were creatively captured!

One unlikely item which some may not think about using are chandelier crystals as shown in the bracelet below. It's blingy and as the author says, has that "cool vintage vibe".

Another is the gold cuff which was created from an ordinary doily.

This irridescent simple knotted bracelet was created using Friendly Plastic - a wonderful craft plastic which pliable when heated at low temperatures.

The starfish polymer clay bracelet was also most creative and unusual.

The designer also used the cruelty-free faux ivory from Masecraft. These sheets can be easily cut using a jewelry saw, filed and sanded.

The book will suit those who like slightly avant garde styles and who are more at the beginning of the jewelry making journey.


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  1. Not only do I love making bracelets but I love wearing them Pearl.

    And a book showing 75 different bracelets? Wowza!!

    Good review Pearl. Have never even heard of this book before. Very interesting indeed!

  2. Do you wear multiples of them? Bracelet lovers do! Yes, this book is very, very new. Just out - that is why you haven't heard about it before.


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