I know many of you are artistically inclined so why not combine water colors with jewelry? Some of the loveliest watercolor designs I have seen are by Ross Barbera.  His Youtube video for a pair of watercolor earrings teaches the basics of how to make water color color earrings - you can come up with your own shapes and artwork.  The tutorial as well as the earrings themselves are meticulously done.

I particularly liked how he used 4 layers of thick media paper. He also does not punch out holes but embeds the wire.

Not up to too much artwork?  Then check out Ruth Oosterman`s watercolor earrings tutorial over on her blog, The Mischievous Mummy.  She uses the dip method with liquid water color paints.  Check out her feather design at the end!

 Katie over at Punk Projects shared her stamped watercolor earrings tutorial. She used watercolor pencils.  I love these as you can then gently use a water laden brush to blend the colors. It goes without saying that the stamp ink should not be water soluble!

Perhaps you are skeptical about using paper? Rest assured, it is perfectly fine so long as they are varnished for protection.

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