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Masterpiece Beadwork Jewelry by Ann Braginsky

One jawdroppingly good master beader is Ann Braginsky or more accurately in Russian, Anna Braginskaya. She says beads are, "The language of art, which I chose (or it chose me)".  She is indeed an extraordinary bead artist. Her award winning designs include the downright gorgeous Petrel necklace a vision of beautifully rendered graduated feathers.

Another international competition win included her New Age Valkyrie necklace.

How could anyone top those?  Well, she did with her  Ninth Wave necklace below - this time she placed 1st in the 2013 Battle of the Beadsmith competition.   This is a truly amazing beaded rendition of sea and surf.

I think I am running out of superlatives.  But her other smaller designs are just as wonderful.

Check out her Facebook for more.

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  1. They are out of this world beautiful!

  2. I am sitting here - simply stunned by how beautiful these pieces are!

    I was particularly taken with the crashing waves....oh my!

    Hands pressed together and a bow at the feet of a master artist!

  3. The first and third one would possibly take me a lifetime to create. They are all magnificent!

  4. I certainly could not have even conceived such magnificient designs!

  5. OMG! Beyond my wildest dreams. The gradation of colours, the gentle but knock-your-socks-off shapes, the drape and the subtlety are amazing!

    What a great talent!

  6. Wow! Real work of art!

  7. I'm with Pearl (above). HOW does anyone "see" the finished article before you do it? And then order all the beads to do it? Amazing.


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