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Quick Start Peyote Cards to Make Beading Easier

I am constantly amazed at the innovative products out there.  A relatively new one is the Quick Start Peyote Cards which was invented by Deb Moffet-Hall. Peyote is not that difficult to do but I concede the stitch is tricky to start especially with the smaller beads. You also have to add both the first and second rows of beads in the first pass through. So some care is needed with colored patterns. Any help especially for beginners is appreciated!

The specially preforated card as shown in the Beadaholique video allow you to work the first row on its own before following with the second row.  The instructor starts with even count peyote and ends with odd count peyote.  I like how the beads easily snap into place!

These cards provide something to grip when beginning the stitching. Once the first few rows are complete, the work can be removed from the card if desired, as there is enough stitched rows to hold on to.

The cards are reuseable with care. There are 32 holes but the cards can also be put together for wider work. They come with different size holes for the most common small beads : 8/0, 11/0 and 15/0. There is also a single use tubular peyote card.

NB I have no association with Beadaholique except as an occasional customer.

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  1. So, once you have stitched your entire peyote bracelet on these do you remove your bracelet???? It is thoroughly sewn onto the end of the peyote stitching now.

    The only way I can see to get that card off your beading is to pull the beading thread out of the first row of beads. Well shucks, we can do that on ordinary peyote stitching.

  2. If you watch the video, it shows the removal of the stopper bead and pulling out the thread bridges. Yes, you have to do that, but the point of this little beading aid is you get a foundation (the card) to grip on - not an easy task especially the beginning and for beginners. The peyote is then much easier to get even.

  3. You know I don't do this sort of thing - but I'm thinking that this lady must have some knitting background as this sounds like using waste cast on!

    A brilliant idea! I'm also assuming that it's probably good for those with arthritis or sore hands.

    I must pass this on to the ladies I know who do this sort of thing.


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