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Beautiful Necklace Displays Using Wallpaper

Making your own jewelry displays not only saves money but the designs can be unique and attractive.  Laurel Steven on Etsy shared some photographs on her Flickr photostream on how she made her beautiful necklace displays using wall paper and scrapbook paper.

It was the Anaglypta wall paper (paintable textured wall paper) covering thick board mats which made the displays elegant.  Leaving the paper in its original color also made the necklaces stand out. Coloring them to coordinate with jewelry booth designs is also an option.

I like how Laurel used twist ties to hold the necklaces at the back.  The knotted ribbons also keeps the boards from flattening out.

Hat tip to reader, Rosantia (Bairozan)!

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  1. This is a usable and attractive display

  2. I like the textured ones! I experimented with this, using some leftover borders during the last BSBP:

    Hope it's OK to post this link. Delete my comment if you prefer no links :)

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my necklace displays! I needed something flat that would travel well, and this was my no-cost solution!

  4. We are planning a tradeshow to display our Mala jewelry and thought this was a very nice way to display. Do you mind asking if you can give a brief description of materials used? Cheers


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