It started as a glitch a few days ago when email subscribers were seeing shortened posts i.e. where there is a Read More link to take you to my blog itself.  This was not supposed to happen when I made some changes for RSS subscribers.  I am still working with my subscriber service to try and fix it.

Then I got thinking.  There are distinct advantages especially for the weekly email subscribers.  There is a whole lot of scrolling especially with my very long posts just to see the daily post let alone the entire weekly newsletter.

So it is a lot more efficient to just to click on the Read More link for the posts you do want to read in full.  I think your inboxes will look and work better this way.

Some of you probably don't really care one way or another about this. But some of you might.  So please voice your opinions with this poll.  And add a comment too at the bottom of this post if you have more to say.

Do You Like Read More Posts as a subscriber free polls
Please note I am working on updating my entire blog design so things might get glitchy in the near future.

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