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Subscriber Poll : Do You Like Shortened Posts?

It started as a glitch a few days ago when email subscribers were seeing shortened posts i.e. where there is a Read More link to take you to my blog itself.  This was not supposed to happen when I made some changes for RSS subscribers.  I am still working with my subscriber service to try and fix it.

Then I got thinking.  There are distinct advantages especially for the weekly email subscribers.  There is a whole lot of scrolling especially with my very long posts just to see the daily post let alone the entire weekly newsletter.

So it is a lot more efficient to just to click on the Read More link for the posts you do want to read in full.  I think your inboxes will look and work better this way.

Some of you probably don't really care one way or another about this. But some of you might.  So please voice your opinions with this poll.  And add a comment too at the bottom of this post if you have more to say.

Do You Like Read More Posts as a subscriber free polls
Please note I am working on updating my entire blog design so things might get glitchy in the near future.

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  1. In considering whether the email version should have the entire blog article or a paragraph and "read more" links....please keep in mind tat some of the email subscribers may have limited access to the internet. Downloading an email means it can be read offline. But if the body of the message is on a website someplace, they are required to stay connected to internet if they want to read the article.

    Readers who go to the library to check their mail will not be allowed hours to sit and read the internet. Persons traveling don't always have access to internet for browsing, so email download is faster and insures they retain access later in the day.

  2. Your writing is always so learned and enriching that I prefer it to all the other websites on crafts & jewellery that I receive. I am happy to receive your posts in whichever format suits you, just keep up the good work, you are a very valuable resource. Thanks, Judith

  3. I like a short subject header and a photo to see if the article is of interest. If I have a moment I'm likely to follow the link to the blog.

  4. Yes, it does require going elsewhere to download those of interest. But surely short posts enables a quicker perusal of all emails?

    Very good point about internet access and the downloading of emails for offline reading. But I am wondering about the image heavy posts which requires more bandwidth. Better to save and read later?

    The emails of interest for travellers are saved and read later when they have more time and internet service.

    I don't think it makes any real difference to library users as it is just a click away to read the full article or in their email.

  5. Your e-mail is my most awaited and eagerly anticipated one of the day! I love reading the entire post, looking at the photos, reviewing instructions, etc. I wouldn't change a thing!

    Thank you!

  6. I absolutely dislike the "click here to read" thing. I have unsubscribed from blogs that want me to jump through hoops to read them. If I subscribe to a blog, it's because it really interest me and I want to read their email. Other ways I can just use a blog feeder.

  7. I unsubscribe from all rss feeds with a "read more" function. I use my rss reader to quickly browse through the topics, so I don't want to jump to another side.

  8. I find it frustrating to have to click on a 'read more' on any blog.

    After years of being able to see your whole blog post I thought something was wrong on 'my end' these last couple of days. :0)

    George's comment 'if I have a moment' perhaps says it best. It does add more to each reading when I have to wait for my computer to load up your blog somewhere else. The time it takes to load is frustrating and then again sometimes it doesn't load - a glitch on my end.

    Does this help?

  9. I do prefer things the way they were though there is nothing wrong with the other way

  10. I use feedly to follow your blog. I agree, at times, it can be a bit time consuming scrolling through a full tutorial post, but I usually enjoy what I read and have a list a mile long on techniques I want to try. However, if the rss feed is shortened and there is a 'read more' link I am more likely to read more if there is a photo to tempt me placed before the 'jump' :) I realise it is your objective to get visitors to your blog, so whatever works for you - at the moment I am similar to George - if the subject is of interest, then I will follow the link :)

  11. I think the weekly newsletters are perfect just the way they are, please Don't change!

  12. I tend to skip "read more" articles because I don't have the time to keep following links. One newsletter I used to follow required two more subsequent links before you could find the article. Esp since my computer is old and only works for short periods of time before I have to shut it off to prevent overheating. The library only allows a half hour visit at a time so can't waste it by jumping around with links.

  13. i love the news letter! However the new format is difficult for me because of slow internet speeds the links often won't and I feel disappointed.

  14. Greta Marullo gdmar@comcast.netJanuary 18, 2015 at 4:50 PM

    It is perfect the way it is! Please don't change a thing.

  15. I tend to click the header so that I can read the post on your website anyways so I prefer the shortened posts.

  16. Thanks to all of you who took the time to tell me what you thought.

    The poll yielded a small sample size but I think it was sufficient to let me know that a slight majority prefer things as they were.

    The email service people have put things right as you have seen! :-)

  17. I prefer "Whole week as one post." Send it on Friday night so I can think about it all weekend - and try things! Nothing is worse than wanting to make something when you have no time to do it.


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