I now own both the Artistic Wire Worker and the  Deluxe Coiling Gizmo.  I like them both.  I bought the Artistic Wire Worker mainly because it is hand held and portable. It has several different types of mandrels - not just the round kinds.  The Coiling Gizmo has different sizes of round mandrels and has to be attached to a work bench.  I bought this one because it is easier for making a thick coiled wire bracelet form as shown in this past post.

There are so many ways to make coiled wire jewelry.  This bangle tutorial by Kerry Bogert over on Jewelry Making Daily caught my eye because of the wonderful use of colored wire.   She used Parawire which survives tumbling unscathed!

Note also how the ends of the wire are coiled around the bangle itself so it opens up but is still a circle. Neat!

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