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Secure Wire Loop Attachment for Beaded Ropes and Kumihimo Cords

Most of us would probably just glue completed beaded ropes and kumihimo cords to the end caps.  However, we want more security, right?  Check out this awesome tip by Melinda, the Editor of Beadwork magazine over on the Beading Daily blog.

It's pretty obvious why only a wrapped loop will work.  It will stay closed!  Wriggling the wrapped loop down the beaded rope or cord should not be a problem. However expect to "test" with your needle as you find that loop hole to sew through the work to secure the loop.  Makes sense to try and sew as invisibly as you can. Or make sure any sewing is hidden by the end caps.

I prefer to use 20G wire rather than 22G as it is stronger and looks better with clasps.

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  1. The best ideas are the simplest, aren't they, Pearl? Fits in with my quest to become simpler this year (I always seem to look for the most complicated solution LOL)

  2. Looks neat plus nice and secure!

  3. I so agree! This is nice and secure.

    You are not the only one, Monique, to try and find complicated solutions! I often find myself doing so and then have to slap my forehead when I finally see an easier way.

  4. Hi Pearl,

    I teach kumihimo classes and am often in a quandry about how to finish the projects. And many of the students haven't been exposed to working with wire. I've actually done several of the methods, but it's wonderful to have them illustrated. As an aside, I am preparing the class schedule for the next session and am including at least 2 beaded projects.

  5. That is wonderful to hear about your classes! Way to go, Wayne!


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