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Leatherman Thread is a Wearable Multi-Tool Bracelet

The world's oldest multitool gadget is probably this 3rd century C.E. Roman device which looks similar to a Swiss Army knife. Roll on nearly 2000 years, and we still like to have a handy and portable multi-tool around for when we don't have a full tool kit available. Leatherman, the multitool company are coming out soon with Thread, the world's first wearable multi-tool bracelet.

It is an ingenious design. The stainless steel bracelet consists of several interchangeable links.

The links offer 25 different types of tools - all sorts of wrenches, screwdrivers, cutting hook, carbide glass cutter and the all important bottle opener. This low tech gadget also helps you with high tech ones as there is a SIM card pick! They've even thought of an oxygen tank wrench!  You never know if you suddenly have to change Grannie's oxygen tank!

The functional design of the bracelet is what makes it so clever.  The bent back bracelet itself becomes the handle as the relevant tool is exposed.

Thread is designed for all sorts of situations especially for those who enjoy or work outdoors.  But what really motivated the designers was the desire to have a tool kit which you could fly with.  It is TSA compliant and apparently the President of the company has flown all over the world without any problems. (Note : many countries still do not allow tools in carryon luggage.  I suspect he got away with it because no one in security in other countries recognised it as a multi-tool gadget - it looks like and is a bracelet).

The stainless steel Thread will cost $150 ($200 for the black carbon finished version) when it becomes available in the next few months.  A more expensive watch with multi-tool strap will be out much later in the year.

See the video.


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  1. i Thought this idea awesome ! Can't wait till it's out. My son-in-law is a policeman, thinking this might come in handy . Very high tech look to it. Anyone think it a bit pricey ??

    Really enjoy "smart" type jewelry. Not too long ago i purchased a Misfit, Google "Misfit " if not aware of this product. Recently coming out with a Swarovski version!! Very sleek, and very vital in helping me to regain my health back. Who could ask for more ! (Good deal for Price!)

  2. Its awesome and sounds like a great gift

  3. It is a low tech bracelet with a high tech look. It is very well made with very strong stainless steel which accounts for the price.

    I did test out the Misfit - so far the best of the lot I tried. See post below. But I am holding out for the Apple Watch!

  4. Amazing gift just need to find someone who wants to buy me one ☺

  5. This is a great idea!!

    I'm forwarding this on to all the people I know who I think will want one.

    Thanks for showing us this Pearl!


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