Wasn't MelodyMacDuffee's twisted wire jewelry video tutorials in last week's giveaway wonderful? So many pretty and delicate designs! Learning through a video tutorial sure is handy if you cannot get to an instructor's class.

While Melody is giving one video away, she also offered a 33% discount code for readers, effective until the end of January. Unfortunately the code went awry on Friday - a glitch on the Craftsy end and readers were seeing only a 17% discount.  The code has been rectified today. I updated the original giveaway post.

If any reader did purchase it with the 17% discount or encountered any other problems, please contact Melody at writersink@msn.com. She will make sure no one gets shortchanged!!

Well, one reader will shortly be learning all about how to make twisted jewelry with a free workshop!  I numbered all the eligible entries and got the random number generator over on random.org to pick a winner.  The winning number was assigned to Deb Fortin!  Congratulations!

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