I have featured polymer clay artisans who make small scale faux food jewelry before (see links below).  However, Japanese artisans take the craft to a whole new level!  There is an entire handcraft industry in Japan devoted to creating uber realistic, delicious looking and life size food dishes. These are used by restaurants and cafes to visually display their menu.  Artisan Norihito Hatanaka`s work on Fake Food Hatanaka takes it one step further. He added faux food jewelry and accessories to his repertoire! (and yes, they do sell!)

Fruit Necklace

Japanese fake food came about after World War II. Most American and European visitors could not read Japanese menus.  So various artisans and candle makers made it easier for them by crafting fake food from wax (see the video link below for a modern demo of their incredible skill).

Today more durable dish models are made from PVC which is then carefully handpainted. As these are custom made for each restaurant`s particular dishes, 95% of fake food in Japan is still handmade.
Bacon Cuff and Earrings

The Japanese call them sampuru which is adapted from the English word, sample. There are even regular competitions for this unusual art form!

Curry Rice Necklace

Hatanaka's work is so realistic one can get hungry just looking at them.  The attention to detail is astonishing - there is what looks like ground pepper on the bacon earrings above and the fish charms below look like they were freshly fried!
Hamburger and Fries Earrings
The types of dishes covered range anywhere from fast food to Asian  and Western cuisine. Some of the designs are assembled from separate parts such as the hamburger earrings. Don't know about you but I am off to find something to eat!

Sphagetti Bolognaise Necklace 

Donut Accessories

Strawberry Whipped Cream Necklace and Hair Elastic

Chinese Twice Cooked Pork Necklace

Salami Earrings

Bacon and Hotdog Necklace 

Tiny Fish Charms

Watch this artisan use wax to create tempura shrimp and iceberg lettuce. The lettuce making is amazing!


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