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How to Wire Wrap a Multi Gemstone Necklace Tutorial

Some designs are inherently "happy".   I'm talking about what I call "smiley" wire wrapped necklaces. I've featured a simplified tutorial before which uses only 1 wire foundation for the wire wrapping. But using 2 wires gives the design a frame and a way of wire wrapping larger focals. In that past post, the second design is mine for a small, delicate crystal adorned focal.

Judy Larson who loves sharing her tutorials recently sent me this latest one for a another smiley - a larger multi gemstone necklace.

She explained she wanted something new to wear when she went on vacation. She said, "It needed to be versatile enough to wear with everything and this is what I came up with."

She didn't think to take pictures at the time but she always takes notes on how much wire she uses. That is because she usually uses plated wire first. If the design is to her liking, she remakes with precious metals.  Anyone with a little wire wrapping experience should be able to recreate it using her written instructions.

Judy adds, "It can be made with any shape or size stones, and they really do not need to be varied in size.  I would recommend that they be flat or puffed, though."  I think it is an excellent project to use up odd stones! We all have those!!

I've uploaded the tutorial to Slideshare. You can save/download the PDF document to your computer from there. 

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  1. As I don't have the patience of Job I'm not into doing a lot of wire wrapping. But this would certainly use up a lot of gemstones I have sitting around.

    And since I lack that patience - it's got me thinking. I do have a coiling gizmo. So - you could make the outer frames with that and then wire wrap your gemstones on to it as long as you have a sturdy wire going through the coil (I'm thinking) to make the frame. Presto Blingo!

    My favourite saying - Where there's a will - there's a way!

  2. Yes, that is another way of doing it! But the look is going to be a little different because the wire wrapping will be a second layer on top of the coiled wire sections you are adding.

    Another option is to do some wire weaving - crossing over to the other wire foundation - in between the beads.

  3. This is what I call an inspirational design - it triggers thoughts of multiple possible arrangements and methods :) However, I think that Judy Larson's design makes the whole structure sturdier :)


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