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Wire Wrapped Memory Wire Bracelet Tutorial

Some of the most blingworthy designs also happen to be the easiest. Katie Hacker's clever wire wrapped memory wire bracelet tutorial with Swarovski crytals over on Art Beads is one of them. It is ideally suited to beginners who may not be that confident with wire work.  Yet, the design is sure to please everyone else as it is quick to do and very customizable.   Make it for as wide a bangle as you want and in whatever colors you fancy.

Katie anchored a wrap wire length at the looped end of a prepared memory wire bracelet and then adds a crystal and wrapped it round the memory wire, The process is repeated.

I recommend her first option which is to wire in the 6mm and 8 mm crystals first with gaps for the clear 4 mm crystals. The latter are then wire wrapped in the second round.  It is easier to get the crystals sit better if you do the wire wrapping in 2 passes.

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  1. Really nice tutorial..I made a blue one, wide as double of this :D

  2. Learn something new every day! I had no idea there was - flat - memory wire out there! Again - where have I been?

    However - this tutorial lends itself to so many possibilities doesn't it! You don't have to use Swarovski crystals - you could use any time of bead or gemstone you wanted and have at it. Creativity blooms once again! If you chose a different type of bead it wouldn't be so - blingy.

    Good tute though Pearl. Thanks!

    1. Absolutely spot on, Aims. It doesn't have to be blingy. Muted colored beads or gemstones will work too. Or maybe a combination of the gemstones and crystals?


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