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Judy Larson's Wire Wrapped Drilled Bead Pendant Tutorial

Wire wrapping a cabochon can be awkward especially if you are still new to the technique.  That is because you have to provide support and design for slippery, thin holeless beads.  However, Judy Larson, a seasoned instructor, has a wonderful way of making things easier and still makes designs look stunning.  Her Pearl of the Sea woven tutorial is actually for a wire wrapped drilled bead.

The oval gemstone bead is placed horizontally so the hole is also in that orientation. Her brilliant approach involves lengths of wire woven together.  They form the bail in the middle and then curve down on either side of the top of the gemstone to connect with another wire that passes through the gemstone. This means the stone is now supported and hanging from  the wire woven top.

The beautiful scrolls in the front with some smaller scrolls at the back will keep the stone from swinging on its wire.  Ingenious!

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  1. Not only is that really a nice looking pendant - but the tutorial makes it look so simple (comparatively speaking when it comes to wrapping)!

    I've always liked the look of beads/gems displayed differently. Then you don't look like everyone else.

  2. This is a brilliant design in so many ways - an excellent example of lateral thinking to solve a problem. In Judy's case, making things easier for learners. And a design that looks good too!


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