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How to Make a Geometric Bracelet Tutorial

You don't have to be a metal smith to come up with a modern looking geometric bracelet.  Just metal beads and wire will do.  The tutorial is by Gloria Fort Mir over on a Spanish blog called L'Antiga Casa Sin. The pictures are pretty self explanatory if you don't want to translate the page.

The triangle version will match the one I mentioned in my past post on how to make triangular jewelry (scroll to the end).  But don't use long bugles in a bracelet application - glass beads will not hold out in an open design like this one.

I would use 24 or 26 G wire.  The instructor recommends two passes of wire to give it some rigidity. She doesn't really secure the wire ends. I would wrap the ends around the exposed wire sections. Once the wire is trimmed off, tuck the wire end down.

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  1. Now that I can see the tutorial - that's so easy! Now to find fine tubing...hmmm...have never thought of using it before so this will be interesting - all the things you can do with it!

  2. Yes, absolutely! I am glad you do see the possibilities beyond geometric.


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