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Asymmetrical Pearl Waterfall Necklace Tutorial with a Cool Tip!

One of my favorite DIY blogging fashionistas is Maegan Tintari who has a wonderful eye for fashion design, decor and jewelry making.  One of her more recent tutorials is one for an asymmetrical pearl waterfall necklace over on her blog LoveMaegan.  She was inspired by a Dior runway design which actually used smaller beads.  Also brilliant is her idea of using a fabric covered headband as the foundation of the necklace.

Maegan also suggests plastic beads (think Mardi Gras beads) rather than glass ones to keep the weight down.

Not into the asymmetrical look?  Neither am I. But the fabric covered headband will form a comfortable base for sewing on all kinds of dangles, not just pearl ones. The collar necklace would also be easy to take off and put on.  

I would turn around the headband so the gap is to the back. The dangles I would add would be in a more conventional V shape.

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  1. LOVE asymmetrical necklaces this is fabulous!!!! Thanks for finding the tutorial, you may be seeing one from me in fabric or buttons! :)

  2. What a brilliant design!

    I like the look myself. It's avant garde! And I like being different. When I am promoting my jewelry I always ask 'Why look like everyone else?' And this certainly hits that mark.

    However - plastic beads are not my thing but perhaps hollow beads would do the trick.

  3. Maybe real pearls or resin beads? Those are light too. So please you liked this find!


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