After years of doing beaded cross stitch embroidery, my mother has finally ventured into bead weaving. She loves the switch as she can make jewelry for all the female members of the family.  But she is still a beginner so I picked these easy 4 petal crystal flower beaded bracelet tutorials to share with her and to anyone starting off on beadweaving.  The first one is a Bee Jang creation.  I like how she uses bugle beads to frame the petals.

The Ivera bracelet tutorial below is from Beads Magic. It is an open and quick to do pattern.  It's important for beginners to make a pretty bracelet without too much effort as otherwise, they would be put off!

A little more challenging is Bee Jang's pretty crystal and pearl bracelet tutorial below.  The 4 petal flowers are sideways!

Again, the talented Bee Jang pulls off another variation of the 4 petal crystal flower theme by arranging them side by side rather than end to end. The two hole tile beads will help hasten the project along!

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