Sure you can buy findings.  But making your own really helps make your designs really handmade and save some money at the same time. Aleshia of Beadiful Nights on Youtube is mostly known for her beadwork tutorials. But there were two wire work projects she shared which shows you how to make your own glue on bails and ring bases.

glass tile pendant tutorial

She did a really easy glue on bail video tutorial using just 20G wire. The project was for glass tile pendants as shown above.

Her second video tutorial is actually for a crackled glass marble ring. Her instructions also include crackling the glass in a pan rather than in the oven.  It was her meticulous way of making very even wire bands for her rosette ring base that caught my eye.

crackle glass ring tutorial

Notice she also flips and reverses the ring for hammering on the mandrel - that is so she gets an even diameter.  Most ring mandrels are tapered so for wider bands, one side is going to be smaller than the other if you don't do what Aleshia does. Other solutions include getting a stepped ring mandrel like this one or use a right sized dowel.

wire wrapped ring base tutorial

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