People in the past came up with so many ways to make lace for decorative trims and home decor. One method, which surely has to be the most arduous, is handcrafted from many tiny knots using just needle and thread.  This traditional Eastern Mediterranean craft is often known as Oya or Armenian needlelace but it is also practiced in other places besides Armenia.  Pinar Arat, a Turkish artisan, is one of these highly skilled practioners.  Her Etsy shop, Land of Dante showcases her exquisite needlelace jewelry.

I thought, from my first glance at her lovely shop, that this was beaded work. But a closer look soon revealed the level of workmanship. There must be thousands of little knots!

Pinar explained, "Each knot starts by taking a stitch, wrapping the front and back end of the thread around the needle so that it will create a knot when pulled taut, and then pulling the thread through to complete the stitch while controlling the tension and placement of that knot with fingers and eyes."  It sounds a little like the needle created knots used by quilters but much more complicated as there are so many adjoining knots.

Most of us struggle to do even basic pearl knotting so we can truly appreciate how difficult it must be to create and place each knot just so. Pinar has the last word, "It is so tedious… takes years to master... but so worth it!"

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